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Badi Man Karata.mp3
Singer: Khushboo Uttam
Album: Badi Man Karata (Khushboo Uttam)
5.47 mb | 92 Hits
Na Tore Galati Na Mor Galati Na Tor Bhatar Ke.mp3
Singer: Deepak Dildar,Khushboo Uttam
Album: Na Tore Galati Na Mor Galati Na Tor Bhatar Ke (Deepak Dildar, Khushboo Uttam)
7.05 mb | 183 Hits
Raat Taniko Na Chhuwalas Bhatar.mp3
Singer: Khushboo Uttam
Album: Raat Taniko Na Chhuwalas Bhatar (Khushboo Uttam)
3.39 mb | 123 Hits
Gori Tor Chunri Hau Lal Lal Ge.mp3
Singer: Khushboo Uttam,Pravin Uttam
Album: Gori Tor Chunri Hau Lal Lal Ge (Khushboo Uttam, Pravin Uttam)
3.06 mb | 191 Hits
Bhauji Ke laika Double Bhail.mp3
Singer: Nagendra Ujala,Khushboo Uttam
Album: Bhauji Ke laika Double Bhail (Nagendra Ujala, Khushboo Uttam)
3.79 mb | 172 Hits
Piya Khichi Ke Hamro Sari.mp3
Singer: Khushboo_Uttam
Album: Piya Khichi Ke Hamro Sari (Khushboo_Uttam)
3.59 mb | 125 Hits
Masterva Pataye Liya Hamko.mp3
Singer: Khushboo Uttam
Album: Masterva Pataye Liya Hamko (Khushboo Uttam)
4.86 mb | 145 Hits
Yaad Tohar Satai.mp3
Singer: Khushboo Uttam
Album: Yaad Tohar Satai (Khushboo Uttam)
3.12 mb | 126 Hits
Kali Kalkatte Wali.mp3
Singer: Khushboo Uttam
Album: Kali Kalkatte Wali (Khushboo Uttam)
4.4 mb | 112 Hits
Chala Mai Ghare Hamra.mp3
Singer: Khushboo Uttam
Album: Lagal Ba Sacha Darbar (Khushboo Uttam)
5.99 mb | 50 Hits
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